with over a decade of experience and a successful track record, I have had the privilege of contributing to a diverse range of projects across various sectors.

personal initiatives🔥

I turned my individual dreams into reality through the ideas and initiatives I developed.

Site24 Ltd. / Founder

  • Site24 is a dynamic company specializing in crafting themes and interfaces for a myriad of content management systems on both local and global platforms.

    Headquartered in London, we excel in delivering bespoke design solutions and digital assets, meticulously tailored to meet the unique demands and preferences of our valued clients.

corporate team collaborations🔥

In the context of corporate team collaborations, I have taken on roles such as developer or project manager and worked on successful projects with reputable companies, organizations, and associations.

These experiences have allowed me to strengthen the pride of collaboration. Here are some randomly listed leading companies in their respective industries.

  • Kayra Oyuncak
  • Mağdenli
  • Indeks Kitap
  • Indeks Akademi
  • Versus
  • Aydın Yayınları
  • myKlinik
  • Grebo
  • Doityourself Planner
  • JCI Ankara
  • Sultan Et
  • Ultron
  • Çopuroğlu
  • Ankara Nobel
  • Prime Technology
  • Onlineterapi
  • Telemar
  • AFS
  • Angora Akvaryum
  • Doğanlar Dövme
  • Abdurrahman Tatlıcı
  • Bianet
  • Doğanlar Tarim
  • Yeni Vizyon
  • Help Steps
  • Madalyon Klinik